"I believe in learning on the job!"

-Cody, Personal Game Part 2

Abraham Cody is a police officer. He is referred to as Officer Cody or sometimes just Cody.


​Not long after the end of the diesel conflict, Abraham Cody joined a police force with his friend, Alastor. The two solved many cases and arrested many criminals, until Alastor wanted to go on an assignment that would be best tackled by the special forces. In short, Alastor "died" and Cody was left with only his sunglasses. Cody eventually joined the Knapford Police Department not long after this. 

Season 3 Edit

Officer Cody was on patrol when the assassin decided to strike at Knapford Harbour. The latter tried to escape so Cody thought it best to use Harold the helicopter to stop him. The helicopter had trouble getting off the ground due to a lack of fuel, so Cody jumped out of Harold and kicked the assassin in the face, knocking both of them down. The criminal stole a dumptruck, Max, and with a lack of transport, Cody stole the dumptruck's twin, Monty. Abraham chased the killer all the way to the transfer yards where they switched from trucks to locomotives, Bertram and Freddie, to continue the chase. Cody eventually knocked Bertram and the assassin, who had now teamed up with the professor, into the sea. Cody tried to search for the criminals, but couldn't find them and assumed they were dead.

A few days later, Officer Cody boarded a train at Wellsworth with his boss, Officer Brown. Brown showed Cody a photo of one of the professor's assistants. The person just so happend to be Cody's old friend, Alastor. Brown was confused and so Cody explained his past with Alastor and their last case together.

Cody will appear in The Ones Who Know as well as The Road to Sodor.


Season 3

Down by the Docks (not named) • Chase and Point Part 1 (not named) • Personal Game Part 2The Ones Who KnowThe Road to Sodor


  • Cody's sunglasses originally belonged to Alastor, but Cody claimed them for himself after he thought the latter died.
  • Cody's name wasn't revelaed until Personal Game Part 2, three episodes after his debut.
  • Cody appears in the background on the mainland in Chase and Point Part 1. This is incorrect as he is later seen chasing the assassin in the same episode.


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