"Connor said you might need some, assistance...."

-Frank to Ivo Hugh

Frank is a character in Quest 89.           



Frank worked in Bigg City port for most of his life, until he began working for the LNER. He shortly after that began working for the Diesel Army.

The Origins of 089 Edit

 After 089 was completed, Frank transported him to Tankopia and befriended he along the way there. Later when he was in danger, Frank showed up in the nick of time to save the latter with Gold Leader . After deciding that Tankopia was not the place for 089, he decided to take him back to the LNER. Along the way, they encountered Crabbestal and the Iceberg Fleet. After proving that they weren't associated with "LNER Pirates", the latter mentioned pirates showed up. Frank tried to protect 089, but that proved not to help. The next day Frank woke up on the LNER while 089 woke up on Sodor. He felt that he let 089 down and felt that he had a debt to pay off to him.

Frank began working for the Diesel Army for unknown reasons between The Origins of 089 and Season 1 of Quest 89. His main job was to transport supplies and prisoners for the army, more specifically Diesel.

Season 1 Edit

Frank was tasked with transporting Thomas to a scrapyard in New Zeland. When he returned from there, Ivo Hugh bribed him for a ride to New Zeland with his sunglasses. After learning that Ivo, Connor and Percy were looking for 089, he stopped working for the Diesel Army and began helping them. After the Road-Rail transporter proved to no longer be useful, Frank transported Ivo Hugh and Harvey down a river to search for a portal that would take them to 089. They met up with Connor and the others and entered a battle with Bulstrode and his Attack Turret. After winning, Frank took everyone to the portal, wheather they were riding on him or a barge he was pulling.

Season 2 Edit

Frank took Connor, Thomas, Percy, Ivo Hugh, 089, Lady, Harvey and Scruff to the LNER where the Diesel Army was apparently operating. He later worked at a small port with Harvey. After 089 had left, he took Ivo Hugh, Harvey and Den to look for him. They were sucessful. Frank transported the engines back to the docks and later took 089 to save Lady at the bridge.

Season 3Edit

Frank was to take Connor and Ivo to Sodor, but ran out of fuel and was blown severely off course in a storm.


Season 1

Betrayal Part 1Betrayal Part 2Retrieving the Map

Season 2

Journey Through the Moonlight (deleted scene)• Strike it Where it GlowsShaftedBattle of the Brave Brothers

Season 3

Chase and Point Part 1Personal Game Part 2 (indirectly mentioned)


  • Frank is so far the only character in Quest 89 to originate from TUGS
  • Frank's twin, Eddie, was originally going to be made but the idea was scrapped as only one boat was needed. The wood that was going to be made into Eddie can be seen as the barge from Retreiving the Map and as walls in various episodes
  • Unlike in TUGS, Frank can move by himself


Frank from TUGS - Nick's Customs!05:03

Frank from TUGS - Nick's Customs!

A behind the scenes showcase of Frank's model.

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