"People could die..."

-Ivo Hugh

The Locomotive Wars were a large war in Quest 89 .

Locomotive Wars
The Diesel Army with a captured Gator
Sides 08S V.S. Diesel Army
Casualties 08S - Denton

Diesel Army - All

Wounded 08S - All
Missing in Action none
Victorious Side


Pre-War Events

The Locomotive Wars were a series of conflicts that happened over the course of three years. It began shortly after the construction of the Diesel Army. The latter mentioned force was made up of various diesels from Sodor who were modified with Fire-arms to dispose of steam engines while on the move instead of bringing them to the scrapyard. A group of steam engines and one diesel were modified to combat these engines due to experiments by Charlie and Ronno. The group became known as the 08S (zero-eightz) But the engines were all taken back into possession of their owners and sent to their respective railways, except for one: 089 . This special engine found two

Flying Scotsman and Spencer before the war

of the 08S and eventually found the rest. Before that, one diesel returned to Sodor to find 089. the latter had been known to posses magical powers just like Lady and he would be able to benefit the diesels. But one of the 08S, Connor, was also looking for 089. He recruited three more of the 08S: Thomas , Percy and Ivo Hugh , to help him find 089, as they wanted to meet this magical figure too. The diesel, known as Diesel, knew he had to take action, so he began attacking.

Attacks on Connor and Co.Edit

First he sabatogged a coal truck to prevent Connor from leaving the yards, then his colleges destroyed a bridge to prevent Percy and Ivo from searching for 089. He eventually kidnapped Thomas and took him as far away from Sodor as possible: New Zeland, just as a distraction. He survived the destruction of a scrapyard there and requested that more Diesel Army troops be sent in. After a battle at the headquarters of his army , diesel made two last stands to stop Connor. His first attack was on Connor in a valley when he tried to blow up the latter. The next was at an underground factory where he tried to make himself stronger with a special fuel. The first attack resulted in failure, the second in death. Charlie died stopping Diesel, a major leader of the army, but the battle was just beginning.

Tankopian BattlesEdit

Via a science experiment conducted by Charlie and Ronno years prior to the war, a portal was made. The portal was then used by Connor and his friends, now 


Denton on Tankopia

accompianed by Harvey, a crane engine, and Gold Leader, a mobile crane, to get to Tankopia. Half seized a diesel supply yard while the others searched for 089 and seized an outpost. Gold Leader stayed behind to meet 089 and Lady, who didn't believe that Connor and the others should combat other engines at the moment. They were all captured at Diesel Headquarters II along with Connor and Ivo Hugh, but were saved by Scruff and Gold Leader the next day. Everyone went to England, even the diesels...

Diesel Army Under New ManagmentEdit

After the death of Diesel, Denton , better known as Den, became the general. He had a col at the time, which made

D199 giving his speech

him sound mean and threatening. He ordered the construction of many outposts on Tankopia and an increase in troops. However, one diesel did not like this: D199. He rallied the troops at the LNER Sheds , Connor's old home. He gave a motivational speech and called out Den for not being tough enough to lead the army and destroy steam engines. Plus D199 was twice the size and very scary looking! What really sealed the deal was that he had captured the Flying Scotsman: a very famous steam engine.

Denton's BetrayalEdit

With D199 now calling the shots,Denton became less and less noticed and more and more hated among his peers.


Captured steam engines

He began to question what he was doing. One day he was sent to the scrapyard to witness the testing of a new weapon: the Fire-Arm. The Fire-Arm was a flamethrower attached to the sides of diesels to burn snything in their path, including steam engines. D199 saw it that instead of steam engines going to the scrpayard, his army would bring the scrapyard to them. He had become a power-hungry fool, and Den had had enough. He was luckily saved by 089 moments later and the two learned of their origin: they were both 08S. 089 went to get Chance and Brad , the only other 08S not in England while chaos ensued.

Chaos and Diesel DownfallEdit

D199 was raging with hatred and he set off to capture all the steam engines on Sodor and burn them all at once. He succeded at capturing the engines and thought things were going well, but they weren't. For the second time in his life Connor had survived an explosion and became furious, Ivo, Harvey and Den managed to destroy a dockside that was necessary to transporting supplies, and Dart had reluctanly revealed D199's masterplan. Through a twisted turn of events, Den sacraficed himself to make a massive explosion that wiped out the whole Diesel Army. A funeral was held for him, and things began to return to normal. Diesels that weren't enslaved in the army eventually began to return to Sodor, such as Derek and Sidney. Although some say there are still some diesels who believe that the army shall return...

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