"This guy's a maniac!"


Porter was a minor character in Quest 89


Porter worked in the United States before he came to Sodor. Oncce he arrived on Sodor, he began working at Brendam Docks with Salty. Porter was a very enthusiastic, hardworking engine who loved working by the sea. He had three domes, two for his sandboxes and one for his steam dome. He was very friendly and made friends fast while working on Sodor. One of his best friends was Harvey. Since Porter was not made for British loading gauge, he had to be scaled down a bit and is small compared to the other engines. Porter tries to stay calm in a crisis, but that didn't work when he was captured...

The Origins of 089 Edit

Porter was breifly seen shunting cars on the LNER as 089 headed to the docks.

Season 2 Edit

Porter was captured by the Diesel Army and was tested on by D199. The latter used Porter as a test dummy for his Fire-arm, which killed Porter in the process.



The Origins of 089 (cameo)

Season 2

Love and Magic


  • Porter was the first steam engine to be killed on screen in Quest 89
  • He was also the first victim of the Fire-arm.


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