This page ​is a list of all the episodes in Quest 89. The list consists of seasons, arcs and episodes with a link to that


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episode's page, if it has one. Keep in mind this page is always being edited so not all episodes have links yet.

Season 1 Edit

​The Search for 089Edit

  1. Crash of Destiny
  2. Preperations
  3. Leaving the Mainland
  4. Connor, Coal and Crashes
  5. 00 Hugh
  6. Betrayal Part 1
  7. Betrayal Part 2
  8. Connor V.S. Diesel
  9. Retrieving the Map
  10. The Quest Begins

Season 2 Edit

Locomotive WarsEdit

  1. The Diesel Army
  2. Dedication
  3. The Grudge
  4. Journey Through the Moonlight
  5. Steam Search Part 1
  6. Steam Search Part 2
  7. Love and Magic
  8. Strike it Where it Glows
  9. Shafted
  10. Battle of the Brave Brothers

Season 3Edit

Wrath of the AssassinEdit

  1. Man in the Shadows
  2. Maiden Voyage
  3. Stress
  4. Attack of the Assassin
  5. Down by the Docks
  6. Chase and Point (Parts 1 and 2 )
  7. Smudger
  8. Personal Game (Parts 1 and 2 )
  9. The Ones Who Know
  10. The Road to Sodor

Season 4 Edit

Wrath of the AssassinEdit

  1. A Tale of Two Trains


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