"It's another vehicle, BRACE FOR IMPACT!"

Thomas to Ivo Hugh

Retrieving the Map is episode 9 of Quest 89.

Plot Edit

Retrieving the Map05:38

Retrieving the Map

A Mysterious Letter arrives and tells Connor and Co. to go to The Vortex to find 089. Connor, Charlie, Bash and Dash have built An ATV equipped with two flat beads and a truck. Thomas and Ivo Hugh set off through the city but soon wreck the font. Ivo Hugh detaches his part of the vehicle, drives back toward the base but meets up with Frank and Harvey, who take him towards The Vortex by water. As they travel, Connor comes up on a massive barge with a shed that attaches to Frank. A crane from a new and improved Road/Rail Transport grab onto Ivo Hugh and the team head toward the vortex. Half-way there, Bulstrode comes back with an attack turret and starts firing at the team. Harvey fights back with a laser cannon while Connor sends out a robot. Bulstrode becomes obliterated by the robot and sinks to the bottom of the canal. Connor and the team continue their search.

Characters Edit

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