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Ronno is a major character in 089.


Ronno was born around twenty years before 089 was built. In fact, he helped with the latter's construction! His personal engine, Charlie, often helps him in his various tasks. Ronno is a mercenary and is skilled with katanas and pistols. He wears a golden mask to conceal his identity as he is wanted by the police. Mr. Railway Man knows nothing of this, he just thinks that Ronno is one of his engine drivers! He helped Charlie and Scruff for years until he was shot during a recording the day before 089 set out to Tankopia.


Not much is known about Ronno as 089 The Series has not been released yet.



Season 1

All of Ronno's first season appearances will be listed here once Season 1 is completed.

Quest 89Edit

Season 2

Love and Magic (Face isn't shown, doesn't speak)


(Coming soon)


(Coming soon)


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