"If you help me shunt these trucks, I'll call you really useful. . ."


Salty was a dockyard diesel turned evil in Quest 89.


​Salty came from the mainland to work on Sodor. He started working at the Ffarquarh Quarry, but didn't enjoy it as he missed the sea. After completing a large job, he was rewarded with a new job: working at the docks. Salty worked at the docks for many years with his friend Porter, but this all changed when he was kidnapped by D199 and Andy. Salty was brainwashed and made into a solider for the army. He was cloned into three more engines that eventually were defeated and only Salty remained. The mind control eventually began to wear off and Salty tried to communicate with Harvey, but it was too late as Salty died not long after.

Season 1 Edit

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Season 2 Edit

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