The Portal is a mysterious object in Quest 89

The Portal
Connor approaching The Portal in an upcoming episode
Type Portal
Made By Charlie, Lady and Ronno
Made Of Steel, Gold Dust, and a weak spot in the dimension
Made at Somewhere on the LNER
Status Active, somewhere on Tankopia
When used Takes you inside the space-time continuum, where you can travel to various locations
Purpose Transporting 08S
Color scheme Black
First Appearance
The Quest Begins


The portal was created by Charlie, Lady and Ronno sometime before the events of the first season.

Season 1 Edit

Connor and the others were going to use the portal, but due to Connor being damaged in an explosion the held off any contact with the object.

Season 2 Edit

The engines were going to return to the portal, but Ivo Hugh was called on for a mission to stop The Diesel Army, and brought the others with him, getting Diesel and Charlie unitentionally killed in the process. After the destruction of the Road-Rail transporter, Connor and the others entered the portal, along with Harvey. The engines were transported to Tankopia via the portal so they could locate 089.


Season 1

The Quest Begins

Season 2

DedicationThe Grudge


  • The portal is actually the roll of fishing wire used to pull the engines around.
  • The portal is seen lying on it's side next to Duck in the background of the original cut of A Tale of Two Trains.


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